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Book and Headphones


Upcoming Appearances, Announcements and Publications

'Tis the season for writing short stories!

From December through January, I'll be writing a short story a week for part of an invited anthology. I should know in about a year if any of my tales tickle the editor's fancy! There are no guarantees that my stories will be bought, but if they are, I'll announce the sales here! (When the editor gives the okay.)

In the meantime, I don't have any appearances scheduled, but I'll always make time for you! Reach me through the contact page, or better yet, Join our Reader's Club, get a free short story each month, and learn how the writing is going!

Join the New England Sisters in Crime Short Story Group!

I moderates the Sisters in Crime New England SinCNE) Short Story Group the first Tuesday and third Monday of every month online. While the group is limited to SinCNE members, any Sister in Crime member can join the NE Chapter and participate. Participation is free for SinCNE members. Contact me for more information on how to join the group!

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