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Short Stories

My Writings

I love to write short stories. I started out writing science fiction, then began exploring other genres. I have published stories in mystery, fantasy, historical, literary and romance, but my real love is writing thrillers.

I also write a non-fiction series, Business Books for Writers  where I provide business information for writing entrepreneurs.

For information on reprinting one of the stories below contact me at

The Christmas Chase

When her young nieces topple the family Christmas tree breaking off the top, Elise must buy a new one the day before Christmas. Her trip to the tree farm takes a sinister turn when an old foe intent on revenge hunts the young window and a handsome bystander through the woods. But they aren't his only target. Elise discovers his real goal is to attack the townspeople during their annual Santa Sleigh ride.


Romantic Suspense

The Holiday Spectacular, December, 2021

Online publication, print due out in 2022

Stealing Amy


Published in Fiction River anthology, Stolen

Available for Reprint

The Girl Behind The Wall

In December 1971 a sixteen-year-old American foreign exchange student gets a one-day visa to visit East Berlin and meets an East German girl who offers her a tour in exchange for her blue jeans. The deal is struck, but the American has no idea of the dangers of the cultural divide that separates them.

Explorers Anthology

Anticipated release date, October 15, 2021

A few Mystery Suspense Stories

Risking it All

As the new Washington D.C. Sales Manager Susan finds herself confronted with going along with a plot to commit a federal crime or keep silent,  putting the staff at risk of prison sentences if discovered. When she learns everyone on the sales team is being blackmailed by the Director of Sales with the blessing of corporate headquarters, she has no choice but to put her career on the line unless she can thwart the plan to break the law.


Published in Masthead: Best New England Crime Stories.
December 18, 2020

Night of the Healer

Mystery/Historical Crime

Fiction River anthology, Hidden Crimes

Available for Reprint


Original Publication 2018 by Fiction River in  Hard Choices

Available for Reprint

Spy in the Sky


Mystery/Spy Thriller

Published in the Fiction River anthology,  Spies

Available for Reprint

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