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Photo of The Best American Mystery Stories of 2019 cover featuring "Payback" by Tonya D. Price.

Publisher’s Weekly Review of "Payback" by Tonya D. Price

The Best American Mystery Stories 2019

“Payback,” WMG Publishing. This romantic suspense story appeared in the Fiction River anthology, Hard Choices.

Tonya D. Price’s riveting “Payback” begins with a dog being chased down a country road by the reckless driver of a sports car; an act of reprisal from the narrator sets off a breathless chain of events demonstrating the extremes of human behavior.


About Me

When I was a foreign exchange student in Germany I was spent six hours at the Czech border while  two Russian soldiers pointed AK-47's at me and tried to decide what to do with me.  I left Cornell's Business School for a semester to work for the World Health Organization and shared an office with a Russian during the cold war.  Some say I write riveting thrillers.  My stories always are based in some part on my experiences in Paris, Greece, Vienna, Berlin, Cape Town and across Europe. Come join me and meet characters you won't forget!

Photo of author Tonya D. Price.
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Praise & Reviews

“Riveting,” is, I think, a good word for all of Tonya’s short fiction. She writes riveting short stories.

“The Christmas Chase” is riveting. Once you join Elise on her hunt for a Christmas tree, you won’t be able to catch your breath until the story ends. This story will have you on the edge of your seat. Which is what all the best suspense stories do."

Kristine Katherine Rusch

Editor/Award-Winning Author

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